Reviews: Mouse

By Dylan Shortridge | February 13, 2020


22 January, The Exchange

Mouse is no stranger to the Bristol music scene and has had some reals success having opened up for pop acts such as Dua Lipa. Since her 2018 debut single 3 Weeks landed she has been a powerhouse of alternative-pop anthems and slick, synthy production. Drawing from inspirations such as Charli XCX, SOPHIE and A. G. Cook, Mouse has consistently shone with her catchy and melodic songwriting and production.

So, you can imagine my excitement when I caught her last gig at The Exchange supporting Walt Disco alongside the industrial-dance duo, Flowers 103. My expectations were not only met but blown to smithereens.

Decked in a metallic silver tracksuit, Mouse looked like she came from the stars to conquer the moon. Orange prominently featured throughout her intergalactic styling and her space buns offered a perfect replacement to her signature mouse ears. Surprisingly, she was backed by two statuesque dancers who accompanied her through her repertoire without missing a beat. Watching her dancers was a welcomed change and truly added a novel layer of showmanship to the performance.

As she flowed through her high-energy show her personality was infectious and bright and her dancers accentuated her heartfelt lyrics and sexual confidence in songs such as ‘Skin’. Future hits ‘Escape’ and ‘Grow’ picked up the energy and sound, however, Touch, the first song that Mouse has fully produced and written by herself, was the best of the night. The production was powerful and ascending and clearly captivated the crowd, whilst her lyrics floated siren-like onto her entranced fans.

For an artist named Mouse, she is anything but mousey. She has big presence and a clear point to prove in 2020.