By Resonate | February 24, 2021

Current: More Brexit Woes For Touring Musicians

At this rate will musicians ever get back to doing what they love? Find out about the latest hurdle for them and our opinion.

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By Resonate | February 12, 2021

Current: Heading up the Stream with no Paddle

The past year has been tough on musical artists, album sales have been replaced by streaming and all tours have been cancelled. Resonate investigates how artists generate revenue and how fair the trade is.

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By Resonate | February 3, 2021

Current: Cardiff, a burgeoning music scene halted by COVID-19

Just across the River Severn from Resonate’s home of Bristol you will find the Welsh capital, Cardiff. In recent years Cardiff’s music scene has been slowing ticking away and making a steady rise, we have taken a look into how this burgeoning scene has been impacted by the pandemic.

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By Resonate | January 20, 2021

Current: 2020 Album of the Year

2020 didn’t give us a lot to smile about, but one of the more positive take aways was the amount of exciting new music being made and released. Check out Resonate’s picks for Album of the Year 2020 right here.

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By Resonate | January 1, 2021

Current: 2020 Lookback

What a strange old year 2020 has been. Now that we have all managed to grit our teeth and see it out to the other side, join us in looking back at the highs, lows and downright weird moments of our most recent journey round the sun.

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