By Resonate | January 1, 2021

Current: 2020 Lookback

What a strange old year 2020 has been. Now that we have all managed to grit our teeth and see it out to the other side, join us in looking back at the highs, lows and downright weird moments of our most recent journey round the sun.

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By Resonate | November 25, 2020

Current: The Country’s Culture is at Risk

With the pandemic raging on and the economy in relative tatters, the UK government have taken this as an opportunity to let the importance of culture fall by the wayside. We think this is absolutely wrong.

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By Resonate | November 13, 2020

Current: Plague Ravers, Right or Wrong?

The pandemic has stopped almost all forms of nightlife, causing a community of illegal ravers to face much heavier consequences for partying. Whilst there are many ethical questions surrounding the raves, Resonate spoke to anonymous ravers to see their thoughts.

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By Resonate | June 13, 2020

Current: Podcasts for your lockdown entertainment

Our hand-picked music industry podcasts for you to sit back and enjoy now we’ve been given a little more time to ourselves once again…

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By Resonate | February 13, 2020

Current: Green Issues in the Music Industry

Deep diving into the green issues surrounding the music industry, its effects on climate change and attitudes, and what has been done over the last year to take action.

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