Coco Bryce

By Resonate | December 16, 2020

Despite being a happy hardcore/rave producer and DJ for the best part of 20 years, Netherlands based Coco Bryce (real name: Yoël Bego) has kicked through the front door of UK Jungle & 160 scene. With a string of euphorically genius LP’s, he has presented himself as the sharpest rising star of the moment. Recent EP releases on prestigious jungle and drum & bass labels in 2020 such as RUPTURE, Lobster Theremin and Critical Music has rejuvenated ravers with warm 90s amen breaks and supple RnB vocals, progressively futuristic as they are irresistibly nostalgic. Once you fall down the Coco rabbit hole, you can bear witness the rebirth of purist 90s jungle/breakbeat. For fans of LTJ Bukem, Sully & L C Y.

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