Album Review: Nolan the Ninja, TALK SOON

By Resonate | December 11, 2020
Words by Louie Kalamaj

Hailing from the farming grounds of hip-hop virtuosos such as Eminem and J Dilla, Nolan Chapman (a.k.a Nolan the Ninja) is the newest prodigy from the periphery of Detroit. Fearlessly protean and operating a flow like an omnipresent control freak, he’s hostile to the slobbering status quo of contemporary rap and has come into the game unhinged, with the sole goal of leaving everyone in complete astonishment. Although the jersey-loving emcee contradicts the demographic of a Japanese blade-wielding killer, he prides an arsenal of vocal versatility that proves to be just as deadly. With his newest drop TALK SOON, the poetic ninja disregards his previous practice of 90s nostalgia trips and grandiose sample-flips instead keeping things simple and tight. The lack of fluidity does fall short on some tracks, but if you’re looking for absolute rap mastery, then the practice of Nolan’s linguistic presence on TALK SOON will have you edging to musical euphoria. The hype hanging over Nolan like a lustred, 24-karat gold chain is justified and with this newest joint, patrons of rap will finally start to unearth this diamond in the rough. 


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