Album Review: Need For Mirrors, Flames

By Resonate | February 5, 2021
Words by Ocean Bourne

Since debuting in 2010, Need for Mirrors has risen from strength to strength, featuring on a reputable list of drum & bass mainstay names including V, Metalheadz and Dispatch. Seeming set on proving himself as one of the greats of forward-thinking drum & bass, his latest body of work feels a bit special. Flames is NFM’s second album, given a home on Doc Scott’s label, 31 Recordings. It’s a 12 track, highly immersive and cohesive collection of haunting soundscapes, eerie vocals and infectious drum rhythms. Tracks such as Flow Forward add a sinister ambience to the project, whilst Dior Trench brings the heavy hitting rolling energy for the clubs. On the flipside, Taboo and Adore are emotionally moving records, capturing NFM’s soulful perspective on dance music. Whilst still sticking to his deeply energetic and conceptual style of songwriting, Flames feels like a breath of fresh air in terms of composition; further reiterating his versatility and ability to curate original music. It’s been an introspective year for drum & bass with the absence of the clubs. One thing is for sure though, NFM is leading the charge into the future of the sound and the uncharted territories surrounding it.

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