Review: HAAi Curates

By Dylan Shortridge | February 13, 2020

HAAi Curates

25 January, Motion

After a recent winter tour of Australia and a reputation that has become firmly established in the UK, HAAi is one of the hottest selectors in the business right now. With a two-year residency at London’s Phonox and winning BBC Radio 1’s Essential Mix of the year in 2018, she proved to everyone her talents ran deep and marked her out as a mix constructor of the highest quality. Bringing her own curated party to Bristol’s iconic Motion it was a very big night for the DJ from down under.

There was already a considerable level of hype built for this show, yet despite it being fully sold out the venue felt breathable compared to some other nights at Motion. The buzz generated was not solely due to HAAi’s competence as a DJ, but also the absolute stellar support cast of acts she had put together. The night was anchored by a hefty four hour set from Optimo in the tunnel, alongside HAAi’s fellow techno DJs and friends who joined her in the main room. Special guests included the likes of Manami, Peach and Roi Perez whose varied brand of tough house and techno satisfied the hungry crowd’s appetite before the host’s grand finale.

HAAi’s own set was filled with her own cuts such as ‘Systems Up, Windows Down’ and ‘Feels’, alongside more from her back catalogue all dotted with samples and field recordings that seemed as if she had pulled them from just about anywhere.

Throughout the night her background in psychedelic rock was also apparent. The build and suspense she generated meant the crowd were plunged into euphoric bursts of ani-malistic energy, growing more intense with each and every drop. Also, as you would expect at Motion, the light show and visuals throughout were intense, yet also captivating. You would find yourself in the complete trance at one point then bombarded by strobes moments later, immersed in an experience.

HAAi’s curated night proved to a raucous crowd that the innovative style that gained her these accolades was far from just a mere flash in the pan and further cemented her ongoing status as one of the world’s top DJ’s.